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QXT closed rail conveyor
WT / XT Universal Overhead conveyor
WFJ50 closed orbit Overhead Conveyor
Webber type rod wide with suspension conveyor
Friction Conveyor
Own car / hoist conveyor
Push conveyor
Light chain reverse product release
DJF Reverse product conveyor
Roller conveyor
Skid conveyor system
Great slide conveyor
Plane type

WuXi TianTuo Automation Equipment Co., LtdLocated in the scenic Taihu Lake, the famous peach town - Yang Town. North and Shanghai-Nanjing Railway and Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, Xi Yi Expressway south, 230 kilometers away from Nanjing airport, 150 km from Shanghai airport, 15 kilometers away from Wuxi airport, transportation is very convenient.

Our company is specialized in providing logistics transportation equipment, coating equipment and nonstandard equipment, factory automation equipment, jet systems integration solutions provider. Company founder, has been taking professional and technical personnel as the main basis of quality services to technology-led business purposes. Pay attention to introduction of foreign advanced technology company, has with the domestic famous design institutes, foreign counterparts for cooperation and exchanges, after digestion, absorption, secondary development, and gradually formed a set of their own product technology Jilie and management. From process design to purchase raw materials into the factory inspection, production scheduling, production and organization of the manufacturing process until the installation and commissioning, the whole process of quality management to ensure to provide safe, secure, high-quality products.

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